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Are You Proud to be an American?

We see true citizenship & patriotism as a non-partisan, non-controversial love of country that extends to everyone, even if their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or political affiliation is different than our own.


The Best Way to Maintain Peace is through a Strong Military

The United States needs a coherent foreign policy focused on capabilities that include using intelligence to identify specific threats and eliminating credible enemies with force. While the means of implementing this policy should always remain consistent with our values, there should be no sanctuary anywhere for terrorists who attack innocent Americans.


Stop the“defund the Police” Movement

The “defund the police” movement has made America more dangerous and our communities less safe for families. We work with state officials to support local law enforcement. This starts with close contact and coordination with State Elected Leaders to ensure law enforcement have the resources necessary to keep our communities safe.


Big Government Socialism Has Hammered American Families.

Irresponsible policies have fueled record inflation, higher prices for gas and groceries, put America at the mercy of foreign oil cartels, piled up record trade deficits with countries like China, and consistently prioritized welfare checks over paychecks. It is time to stop spending money on expensive and ineffective federal handouts that the American people do not want and cannot afford.


Protect our Sovereignty!

We are currently unable to protect our sovereignty because of the situation at the border. Illegal immigrants are abusing our asylum process. Congress has to reform our laws for there to be a substantial change. Democrats refuse to address the issue at its source and are advocating for open border policies. This is wrong and unfair to legal immigrants, asylum seekers, migrants who are trafficked, and the Customs and Border Protection agents at the border. We must act now.


Defend Parents’ Rights and Stop CRT

We are against teaching Critical Race Theory. CRT is used to divide students, teach them to distrust and divide them from their classmates, and it has no place in the classroom. We must defend our children from “woke” indoctrination in their schools.

We believe parents have a right to have a strong voice on what their children get taught in school. We need to make sure parents are the key decision makers in their children’s education and make sure we hire great teachers who put children first, not loyalty to a progresive ideology.


Our Country is Stronger by our Diversity!

Our country is stronger by our diversity and citizens of different backgrounds coming together.  We advocate the principles of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. We encourage intellectual humility, empathy, trust, and curiosity.  Viewpoint diversity gives rise to civil and respectful debate and  constructive disagreement. We challenge existing orthodoxy without risk of censure.


Standing up for Victims

We support the Violence Against Women Re-Authorization Act. We advocate improving the criminal justice system response to domestic violence and ensuring survivors and their families have access to the services they need to safely rebuild their lives. We support the States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act that gives federal, state, and local prosecutors the tools they need to hold websites accountable for supporting the sale of sex trafficking victims.


Strengthening Safeguards for Animals

We stand up for animals. We ensure our government is doing its part to promote animal welfare, such as when Congress finally made animal cruelty a federal crime by passing the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. We look forward to continuing to work with animal advocates on ways to protect our best friends. We advocate strengthening important safeguards under the Animal Welfare Act and bolstering enforcement against bad actors. We stand against issuing licenses to breeders whose previous licenses have been revoked or to their immediate family members at the same address.

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