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Committed to Defending
Our American Values

The modern Republican woman avoids culture wars. She cares about common sense issues. She wants a robust economy, strong law enforcement & security and a great school system.

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Our Beliefs

We are all entitled to equal rights, justice under the law and opportunity. We must all assume our responsibilities as citizens in a free society.

We support candidates who align with our common sense priorities.

We believe that our children should have a strong civics education and study the full history of America so that they can be engaged in our democracy.

We need to improve the criminal justice system so career criminals can’t keep committing crimes. We want fully staffed, well trained law enforcement keeping our communities safe.

We must secure our borders and stop releasing migrants who enter America illegally. There could not be a more important time to enforce immigration laws.

We believe that Republicans and Democrats must work together for the economic and civic good of our communities, state and country.

All children deserve a high quality education that prepares them for a secure future.

Rally Virginia is committed to identifying & electing qualified candidates who align with our core conservative principles.

Rally Virginia is committed to advancing public policy that promotes, supports, and champions Law Enforcement.

Rally Virginia is committed to holding leaders accountable to their promises to their constituents.

Rally Virginia is resolutely devoted to promoting public policy that keeps our communities safe.

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